October 5, 2023

What is the Best Age for an Heirloom Portrait

What’s your most treasured family item that’s been passed down? Does your family have something that’s passed down from generation to generation, such as jewelry, china, quilts, military memorabilia, or what about heirloom portraits? These priceless portraits of beloved relatives are probably the most cherished for their historical and emotional significance. 

Heirloom portraits have a classic, elegant style that will remain beautiful and meaningful for generations to come. These portraits will be passed down, tell the family’s story, and preserve memories through generations. The biggest question my clients ask me before they book their session is, what is the best age for heirloom portraits? It really depends on several factors, but here is my general rule of thumb. 

Planning Just One Heirloom Portrait?

The timeless and almost ethereal look and feel of an heirloom portrait is something many families want to print, frame, and hang on their home’s walls – for good reason. 

Each child’s personality shines in customized, one-of-a-kind portraits. If you plan to have just one heirloom portrait captured during childhood, I recommend scheduling it between ages 2.5-5. 

At this age range, children still possess some of that sweet baby softness in their faces that makes images extra cherished. Yet they are old enough to sit through a portrait session with minimal fussing, allowing me to create a timeless memento you’ll treasure. Choosing this special window to invest in a solitary heirloom portrait will become a family treasure that preserves your child precisely at that heartwarming stage.

Knowing your Child

Even though my general recommendation is ages 2.5-5, heirloom portrait sessions can be done anytime throughout childhood as long as your child can sit up unassisted without wobbling through the elementary school years. What better way to mark your child’s progress than with beautiful portraits on the wall. Before you know it, your children will have grown, but photographs endure, capturing moments for eternity.

Professional Heirloom Photographer In Birmingham, AL

As a mom who has raised three children and has been through all the stages myself, I know how fast time goes and how important capturing those moments are. I have a deep appreciation for heirloom photography. It is my heartfelt mission to capture the unique personalities of each subject. 

My ultimate goal is to create modern heirlooms that you will cherish today and pass down to future generations. Your stories and memories are precious, and I am dedicated to preserving them through each image. If you’re interested in booking an heirloom session, please click here. I can’t wait to meet you.

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