October 2, 2021

4 Things Moms Need to Know When Doing a Newborn Photoshoot

For an expecting mom, planning for the arrival of your baby is fun, exciting and a little overwhelming. Between decorating the nursery, purchasing all the baby gear and learning about baby care, hiring a newborn photographer might be the last thing on a pregnant mom’s mind! I hope these tips make it easier to plan for your newborn session because you don’t want to miss out on beautiful photographs of your new baby!

Tip #1

Look for a photographer who shows a consistent portfolio of newborn photos that you love. Then make sure that photographer is trained to handle and photograph newborns.

Tip #2

Consider the types of photos you want and how old you want the baby to be in those photographs. Photographers who pose babies typically want to photograph them as early as possible (7 -14 days old) while they are still sleepy and curly. If you want a more natural look focusing on  all those tiny newborn features, then 2 – 4 weeks old is a good time for your session. If you or baby need more time to recover after the birth, then up to 12 weeks old can work for your photo session. Of course, newborns change a lot during those first 3 months, so the overall look of the session will depend on baby’s age.

Tip #3

Book your session and plan your outfits before the baby comes. Keeping the clothing simple and neutral allows for baby, who of course is the star of the show, to stand out. For mom and dad, I recommend soft neutrals with texture or a small print. For baby, neutral swaddles and white onesies are simple and sweet. If you have an outfit for baby to wear, make sure it fits properly and doesn’t ride up when the baby is held.

Tip #4

On the day of the session, if you can, try to give the baby a full feeding as close to the session start time as possible. Keep in mind that for this photo session, the baby is in charge! There will be plenty of breaks for feedings, cuddles and diaper changes. Your photographer should give you specific instructions about what to have on hand and how to prepare your house, if the session is in your home.

The most important thing to remember during your newborn session is to relax and enjoy your baby’s first professional photo session! Take a moment to soak it all in and enjoy the sweetness of your newborn during these early days together.  Baby is finally here!

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